Compass Mobile Dollar Tree: Features, Benefits & Login Explained

The Compass mobile Dollar Tree portal is a unique way for its employees to access all kinds of information about their work schedules, pay stubs, and tax deductions.

Dollar Tree is a discount retail store chain across the United States. One of their key features is the Compass Mobile portal.

Features of Compass Mobile Dollar Tree

The Compass mobile Dollar Tree portal(seen here) was developed with the mission of making the lives of employees easier.

It is a digital gateway for the employees of the Dollar Tree stores. The key word here is ‘mobile’. Meaning they can access every piece of information no matter where they are.

Here are the included features:

1. Scheduling and Timecards

The most important feature for employees is the ability to check their schedules also known as “My Info”. They can easily keep track of when they are supposed to work and changes made by their supervisors.

They can also track their work hours, check attendance updates, and update their schedule based on when they can go to work.

2. Payroll

Employees can easily learn about their pay stubs. These provide a detailed understanding of the breakdown of their payment including tax deductions and other information.

You can access your pay stub by creating an account. Follow this link to view your Paystub.

dollar tree pay stub

You will need this info to create the account:

  • Employee ID
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Year
  • Set up login credentials

You can save the pay stubs as a PDF or have them delivered to your email address from here.

3. Job Postings

If you want to climb up the Dollar Tree employee ladder, the Compass mobile portal is a good way to start. They include these listings under “My Career”.

They post internal job openings for employees to avail. These postings are only available for adept employees.

4. Important Company Resources

Apart from general employee information, the portal serves as a general repository of policy documents.

The portal has all the essential information on employee training and other resources.

5. Employee Benefit Enrollment

They have an associate benefit and enrollment website called “MyTree”.

Employees have access to information regarding health care coverage and insurance plans. They can use the portal to apply or enroll in these benefits.

Job Opportunities at Dollar Tree

Almost 210000 employees are working at Dollar Tree stores around the US. These are the positions and responsibilities:

  1. Store Associates: Stocking shelves and assisting customers.
  2. Cashiers: Handling customer transactions.
  3. Store Managers: Responsible for making sure a store meets its sales targets.
  4. Assistant Store Managers: Supervise employees and manage inventory.
  5. District Managers: Overall Management of all Dollar Tree stores in a specific area.
  6. Corporate Positions: HR, Finance, and Supply Chain executives at their corporate office in Chesapeake, Virginia.

How Does Dollar Tree Make Profit?

You will see 1 Dollar signs ($) everywhere in these stores. Dollar Tree founder Macon Brock envisioned exactly this.

He wanted to build a store where you could shut off your brain and count the number of items you wanted to buy. The total number of items is the price of all the items.

To make a profit they use a tactic called “non-standard sizes”. They sell private-label branded products which are cheaper to produce.

They can sell products that cost 20 to 50 cents at 1$ each to reduce the gap of selling a bit pricy stuff for the same price.

Another big opportunity for them is that they have no competition. They open stores in rural towns too small for retail giants like Walmart to open a store.

Dollar Tree Compass Mobile – (FAQs)

How do I log in to my Dollar Tree account if I don’t know the password?

Simply click on “Forgot your password?” to reset it.

What do they mean by Dollar Tree Employee Code?

There are standard Code of Business Conduct that Dollar Tree employees must follow, known as the employee code.

Can employees request time off using the Compass mobile?

They can request schedule changes within the same day but have to submit a request for time off in writing.

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